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For a company in search of a solution to manage leave in two or more countries, payroll-based tools are not applicable as they are country-specific, and ERP leave modules are difficult to deploy and offer a below average user experience.


All over the world

Figgo allows your managers to approve leave requests and track leave schedules even if their coworkers are not in the same company or in the same country. Leave tracking should not be stopped by borders! More

Computer with interface

Simple & Attractive

How can you improve acceptance when implementing new products and processes? We believe that the key factor of success is providing end users with a high quality experience.

30 minutes average reply time

A devoted team

Figgo is not just a software solution. It is also a team of young but seasoned professionals with years of experience acquired while deploying Figgo leave management solution in more than 81 countries. More

1,400 companies

Over 150,000 users

81 countries

Manage the schedule

Easy to deploy,
easy to use.

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Many global companies with teams spread across different countries have already opted for Figgo to manage their leave and absences

What do they all have in common?
Teams spread across different countries.

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“Before Figgo, we used SAP in some countries but it was a white elephant. Each year, we poll our employees about our software tools, Figgo is extremely well rated.” Pascale Moreau, Senior Application Specialist


“Figgo’s deployment went really smoothly. The consultant in charge of the project fully understood our company’s specifics.” Julie Feuillerat, HR Operations Manager


“We had an ADP leave module in the US. We started looking for an alternative because ADP didn’t work well for European countries. While benchmarking the tools, we couldn’t find any competitors that could do what Figgo does.” Daniela Weber, Manager Payroll