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Kofax is a software publisher and world leader in the automation of manual, data-intensive tasks for both front and back office operations. It operates in more than 60 countries for more than 20,000 clients. Of course, this volume of operations needs to be supported by a global network of subsidiaries. That’s why Kofax is spread over 35 different countries.

Yet, when it comes to leave management, things get complicated. Kofax needed to manage leave and absences in various European countries, each with specific holiday regulations. Payroll softwares were not flexible enough to handle this diversity. Kofax ended up with a makeshift solution. They generated accruals on Excel sheets, processed them in each country’s specific software program and eventually loaded them into their ERP… not the ideal solution.

“We undoubtedly missed employees’ requests and lost money at the time”

The Challenge

Thanks to the internet, Kofax heard about Lucca. Its needs were simple: a single solution for all the countries involved. Why? Because:

  • HR tends to be responsible for a broader zone than just a single country. Therefore, they had to deal with one program per country, which was very complicated,
  • many teams work across several countries and need to book their leave on the same schedule,
  • the IS department wanted to unify the tools used in the company.

“We needed to make sure that employees benefitted from the system; that was our main goal.”


The Solution

Kofax chose Figgo because :

“We couldn’t find any other competitors that could do what Figgo does.”

And since a single software program is used across the group, the validation workflow is much easier, and far fewer errors occur.

Both administrators and end-users are satisfied with the solution.

“What I like most about Figgo is that it is easy to access from everywhere, including on cell phones, and managers can approve requests without accessing the application. Generally, it is very intuitive.”