Pharmaceutical industry





Novo Nordisk is a Danish company that develops medicines to fight diabetes, hemophilia, growth disorders and obesity. As a pharmaceutical group it works on a global scale and supplies more than 170 countries with its products. This broad distribution network is backed up by branches in 79 countries and a workforce of 42,700 people.

HR and IS are managed regionally so the issue of leave management was focused on the European zone. But even if there was a dedicated department for Europe, each country had its own way of managing leave. Some had an internally developed tool, some used paper forms, and some got by with their ERP.

“We had SAP in some countries but it was a white elephant”

The Challenge

Such complexity between all the countries made leave management unclear and complicated. And since everything was different, support couldn’t be centralized, which added even more complications.

Pascale Moreau, European Head of Information Systems, wanted to simplify everything by choosing a single tool. The key word was uniformization. Her needs were quite simple:

  • software that handled all the legislation and that was available in all the countries they work in,
  • validation workflows that let managers approve leave, and tell the administrators when it is done,
  • the ability to manage any type of leave, i.e. software that manages more than just annual leave.

The Solution

“Figgo was the most appropriate tool to manage the diversity we had in every country.”

Novo Nordisk chose Figgo and has now been using it for 10 years. Not only does it meet Pascale Moreau’s needs, but it is also much appreciated by employees, who have given very positive feedback.

“Each year we evaluate our employees’ opinion of the tools available to them; Figgo is always extremely well rated.”

Administrators in each country have been trained in its use and now know how to run it in all the countries they operate in.

Thanks to the kick-off meeting and the audit, Lucca’s consultants quickly understood the needs of Novo Nordisk and within a few months the entire European zone had deployed Figgo.

“I really enjoyed the kick-off meeting and the audit; they made deployment very easy.”