Figgo can be set up differently for each of your legal entities. Each employee will only have access to the relevant balances, such as: French RTT, Polish on-demands day, Romanian absence for blood donation, Spanish 15-day wedding allowances, Singaporian seniority days. Once Figgo has been set up, you no longer have to worry about manual entry and tracking.

Manage the schedule

Shared schedules for teams, even if they work in different countries

Managers can directly approve leave requests from the email notification, the schedule or the mobile application.

They can quickly see who else is off before deciding to refuse or approve the request.


Export to payroll when needed:
no more mistakes

If your business operates in different countries, you probably use several types of payroll software.

Figgo enables you to export absences for each entity in the appropriate format regardless of your software (Sage, Cegid, ADP, SD Worx, etc.).

For all devices

Always available. Nothing to install. Web or Mobile

Figgo is exclusively deployed as an SaaS, which means you will never have to install anything. All you need is an internet connection.

Time tracker

Integration with a time-tracking tool

In some countries, employees must be able to declare their timesheets. This is why we have developed a time-tracking tool which communicates directly with Figgo. You can find out more about Timmi here.